Social Media Links

There are plenty of other places online where you can catch up with me and my work – many of them updated rather more regularly than this blog, it has to be said!

So if you like what you’ve seen so far, here is a list of where else you might find me…

  • Lynn Davy Beadwork – my business Facebook page. Follow me here and add to your interests lists to make sure you see all my posts in your feed! This is probably the best place to stay up to date with my current activities and get sneak peeks of what’s happening in the studio
  • Lynn Davy – my personal Facebook page. Friend me here to see the fun things I post from other crafters and friends. No big rants, unpleasant images or what-I-had-for-breakfast vagueness, I promise
  • Nemeton on Etsy – my Etsy shop, just in case you missed the Etsy Mini that’s at the bottom of every page of this blog! Updated regularly with new jewellery, kits and tutorials
  • @Lynn_Davy – follow me on Twitter, I am not the most regular twittererer but it’s a nice ‘instant’ way of making contact
  • Lynn Davy on Pinterest – I am a recent convert to the joys of pinning but I hope you’ll enjoy the things I’ve found so far! You are always welcome to pin my images by the way, but please don’t strip out the original source, give credit where credit is due because contrary to popular belief these things don’t magically design make themselves…
  • The Craft Pimp Forum – a fun and friendly haven for crafters of all flavours. I am often to be found hanging around here and chatting
  • Bead Buddies – another crafty forum with a more beady slant, small and friendly if you fancy dropping by for a natter


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