A Thing A Day Keeps The Blues Away… January

It’s been a long chilly winter and it ain’t over yet. Many things have conspired to keep me away from my poor neglected website; I am planning a big spring-clean and update but it’s going to take me a while. Stay tuned.

To get my mojo going again, I joined in a ‘Year Long Challenge’ on the Craft Pimp Forum – the challenge is to make something every week. I got a bit carried away though and started making a thing a day. So far I haven’t missed a day although some things have ended up being finished at around midnight, and some of them have had to be five-minute makes…

I’ll be blogging about my experiences on the Craft Pimp Blog next month, by which time there should be a whole raft of new things to show. Meanwhile here are January’s makes!

  1. Notebook to record at least one positive thing from every day this year. Recycled wrapping paper with side binding
  2. Windchime with ceramics by Tan Grey and recycled materials (book pages, wool, the inside of a roll of parcel tape)
  3. Upcycled earrings with vintage metal components and labradorite
  4. ‘Mustard Greens’ necklace with lampwork by Bev Hicklin, olive jade and amethyst
  5. Giftwrap and ribbon recycled into side-bound notebook for important reminders
  6. ‘Marie Rose’ collar, a pink version of my popular Marie Antoinette design
  7. Pink shell earrings
  8. ‘Rosebud Bracelet’ kit and tutorial with lampwork by Sandy Kelly (Flowerjasper)
  9. Pastel ‘Lantern’ earrings with Swarovski crystal and metal seed beads
  10. Pink ‘Lantern’ earrings
  11. Copper ‘Lantern’ earrings
  12. ‘Mardi Gras’ icon-style picture frame: vintage stationery, wrapping paper, plant labels, playing cards, curtain rings, digital art, beads and sequins
  13. Two accordion books with recycled paper and greetings cards
  14. Sparkly Swarovski teardrop pendant
  15. A couple of experiments with the new ‘Superduo’ beads; they remind me of tiny dogs’ noses
  16. Brooch with a Laney Mead fused glass cabochon in a beaded bezel with a fringe of Swarovski crystals
  17. ‘Flutterby’ mobile made from three greetings cards, wrapping paper, thread, crystals, beads and glitter. Sometimes I can be so girly it’s revolting
  18. ‘Raindrops on Roses’ necklace with lampwork by Tan Grey, Venetian glass and seed beads
  19. ‘Seaside’ bracelet with orphan lampwork beads, mother of pearl and coral
  20. Earrings with Venetian piattine and tiny glass drops
  21. Gardening journal with recycled brown paper pages
  22. Vintage fabric made into a cover for my newly refurbished vintage sewing machine
  23. Driftwood and leather thong pendant with sea-worn ceramic chunk, made for a challenge on the Bead Buddies forum
  24. ‘Sunshine Saucers’ earrings with Tan Grey discs and spacers
  25. Decoupage or ‘Decopatch’ box – I just had to try this technique and it is such fun! Albeit messy. I am incapable of being tidy when glue is involved
  26. ‘Ethereal’ bracelet with copper beads, Swarovskis, firepolished glass, and lampwork by Caroline Hannon
  27. I’m keeping this one – necklace with reversible heart pendant and ceramic beads by Tan Grey
  28. Necklace with ‘Whistler’ lampwork beads, rhodonite and sunstone
  29. ‘Pacific’ cuff in brickstitch with some of my original 1970s seed bead stash
  30. ‘Oilslick’ bracelet with orphan lampwork beads and faceted pearls
  31. Lavender earrings, lampwork by Karina Thornhill; this glass changes colour from lilac to blue depending on the light source

I wonder how long I can keep this up…

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3 Responses to A Thing A Day Keeps The Blues Away… January

  1. Jolene says:

    Brilliant Lynn, fab to see all your makes together like this. You are so versatile and every piece is gorgeous xx

  2. Laney says:

    You are an inspiration, I love each and every piece you have made x

  3. sam adams says:

    fab blog lynn….keep up the making a thing a day, i always look forward to your makes cos they are always different :)