Some good news to begin with

Lampwork glass bead by Laney Mead

The serpent in my Garden of Beadin'

I’m a semifinalist in this year’s Ugly Necklace Contest – my favourite of all the beading competitions because it’s so wonderfully subversive and funny! This year’s entries will be visible on the site in about a month’s time. Meanwhile, have fun browsing the galleries from previous years. Not for the faint-hearted, some of them. But then they aren’t supposed to be pretty…

The snake-on-a-heart was a gift from its lovely maker, Laney Mead. Her beads always make me smile! The contest this year was on a ‘garden’ theme and my piece ended up being about loss of innocence and my twin addictions to beading and the Internet. I love the way a collection of assorted bits and a ‘joke’ theme can turn into something personal and meaningful…

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