Revisiting an old favourite

I would be the first to admit to having a beady butterfly mind. I flit from one idea to another and am usually working on at least half a dozen pieces at once, experimenting as I go. And I am easily bored, so even a repetitive design will frequently end up having extra colours or little variations added to it along the way.

gunmetal and peacock blue 'Saxon' collar and cuff

Classic simplicity never loses its appeal

But sometimes it’s just nice to go back to a tried-and-tested construction that you can make without worrying about whether the engineering will work or whether the curvature will be too tight. I love having an excuse to make these ‘Saxon’ collars and cuffs for exactly that reason. Somehow the process of stitching in right-angle weave is very soothing… and you can’t go wrong with circles, they are the ultimate design classic!

I will admit to having had several ideas while making this set, though, so further experiments are in progress…

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