I wrote a book!

And it’s about time I blogged about it. I tend to forget about the blog in between all the other social media accounts I seem to have acquired…

Anyway yes, I wrote a book. It’s called ‘Learn to Make Bead Jewellery’ and it’s published by Search Press in the UK and by Kalmbach (with the appropriate spelling modifications) in the US.

The UK cover of my book

There are 35 projects starting with easy earrings and finishing with elaborate collars, all made with simple stringing and wirework techniques that are explained with photographs – LOTS of photographs – so as to be (I hope) easy to follow. The idea is that a beginner could pick up this book, drool over the lovely pictures and learn a useful set of skills, and that an experienced beader could pick up this book, drool over the lovely pictures and get loads of inspiration for things to make.

So far this seems to have gone down very well. My favourite review is this one by the lovely Jean Baldridge Yates, whose work I’ve admired for years so I’m ridiculously pleased that she likes my book!

It took over a year of planning, meetings, photography (LOTS of photography, shout out to Phil Wilkins for being the most patient man in the world as well as a stunningly good photographer) and kicking ideas around (shout out to Karin Skanberg, my designer at Quarto Publishing, for creative genius and very very good chocolate brownies) and there were a few technical problems along the way… but finally I had the finished book in my hands and was doing the happy dance round my kitchen!

Here are a couple of my favourites from the book. You can see my snapshots of the other projects on my Pinterest board along with reviews, in-progress shots and other #lynnsbeadybook related things.

Autumn Leaves necklace with French beaded pendants

Rustic Romance bracelet - the cover project for the US edition

True Blue Heart necklace with lampwork by Sally Carver

If you’ve got this book, do let me know which of the projects you liked – or even better, show me pictures of ones you’ve made!

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