What happened to summer?

I think I blinked and missed it! Can’t believe it’s so long since my last update… anyway I’m still here, still beading, and there is more good news in that #lynnsbeadybook has been finished, approved, proofread, corrected and sent to press. That all took a lot longer to do than to describe, believe me, thirty-five projects is a lot of projects and the nomenclature of pliers is remarkably complicated when you actually try to make it all consistent!

My collection of pliers and cutters

I still can’t show you the projects from the book and I’m afraid it won’t be published until December, but you can see the cover of the UK edition (Search Press) here and the cover of the US one (Kalmbach) here – both very different but I am delighted with the quality of the photography and design. I danced around the office with excitement when I first saw the proofs with the high-resolution full-sized versions of the pictures rather than the low-res online ones I’d been looking at during the design stages!

Glowing Treasures Necklace - a few of the wirework elements

(That, just to be clear, is one of my in-progress photos. The publishers’ ones are MUCH better.)

I managed to feature beads and handmade components from two dozen UK makers and several of my favourite bead shops as well as of course having a ball with the awesome parcel of beady awesomeness kindly supplied by the book’s sponsors at Land of Odds. I think the book fits nicely with my stated beady mission of rescuing as many ‘lampies’ as possible from being stuffed into boring designs. I really hope you (and the beadmakers) will agree with me…

'Lilac Lariat' in progress, hearts by Sue Harris

'Pear Tree Bracelet' in progress, bird by Sandy Fulbrook

'Wave Pendant' in progress, bead by Kathryn Greer

A few projects from my book, plus some other bits of my work both strung and beadwoven, and a pearl knotting design, are also due to appear on the gallery pages of a forthcoming beading book by the beading genius that is Jean Power. I’ve been helping out with checking the proofs and this book is a cracker, can’t wait to see it in print!

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