A contest with a difference

Once again I am delighted to be a semifinalist in the incomparable, the wacky, the wonderful, the one and only Ugly Necklace Contest.

More Is Most Definitely Not Always Better

This year my entry is titled ‘More Is Most Definitely Not Always Better’. The necklace had to have two strands as well as breaking as many of the rules of ‘good’ jewellery design as possible.

This isn’t as easy to do as you might think. Sure, you can make the clasp asymmetrically placed but it’s very difficult to force yourself to put the focal components off-centre and make the colours clash and make the whole piece really unbalanced. It’s perfectly possible to take individually ugly components and make quite a decent necklace out of them, but it’s much harder to take pretty beads and make them part of something hideous…


I did a bit of both. Some of the components are found, recycled, repurposed objects, aka ‘rubbish’; some are made from scratch with perfectly good beads; some are unfinished bits or samples from other projects. There is also a symbolic rubbish bin for good measure.

I have now entered this contest six times in all and been a semifinalist each time. Is this a record? If so, I am rather proud of it. I’ve only ever won once, which shows just how difficult it is to do world-class ugly design.

Do take the time to have a look at the other four semifinalists’ pages because there are some real gems of both ugly poetry (a poem is a required part of every entry) and ugly necklaces. Voting this year is very simple – one click of a button – I’m not asking you to vote for me, well, OK, I am asking you to vote for me but ONLY if you honestly, hand on heart, think mine is the ugliest necklace in the semifinal.

Did I succeed, or did I fail? Only time will tell. Although that isn’t really the important issue. What’s important is, did I have fun and learn something by making this piece? To which the answer is a resounding YES!!!

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