A Thing A Day in August… was quite hard work!

Summer holidays, family fun, lots of things to do and plenty of sunshine to laze in… August was fantastic. But sometimes making a thing-a-day was a hard commitment to stick to. So one or two things went over more than one day… and on one or two days I might have made more things (or fewer) than exactly one… but who was counting?

Anyway, here are the results of my work and play. Mostly play. I like the Scilly holiday diary books best but they were also the biggest challenge since I had taken no crafting materials with me and had no tools other than nail scissors. The free sewing kit from our first night in a hotel was absolutely crucial!

The most useful make of the month was definitely altering the kitchen curtains so they have nice free-running curtain rings instead of daft sticky fabric tabs that look great but don’t actually move along the curtain poles. It made me take the curtains down and wash them as well. I think I can safely say that I am no longer scared of my sewing machine now…

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