A Thing A Day Keeps the Blues Away: March

Oops, I seem to have got behind myself with posting photos. But rest assured, the Thing-A-Day Challenge is still on track even though some of the Things are still rather minimal.

March was cold and wet here in the UK and it seemed that Spring would be a long time coming (which indeed it was: I am typing this in May and still wearing a winter fleece jacket as I look out of my window at the green leaves on the trees!) but I tried to cheer myself up with some spring-themed and colourful makes. In between I did a lot of experimenting and submitted a bunch of designs to Beadwork magazine, one of which was accepted and will be published in December, so watch this space – I’m not allowed to show it to you yet.

Here are my March makes:

I learned quite a few things making these. F’r example, it’s really hard to make a dodecahedron with heavy, slippery crystal pearls… and you should never attempt to incorporate ‘peanut’ beads into a cabochon bezel because the little beggars stick inwards as well as outwards. And a light pull cord needs a surprisingly large-holed lampwork bead (the light pull is the most minimal make but it certainly wasn’t the quickest)!

Stay tuned for April’s makes coming soon. Meanwhile you can check out my recent adventures in upholstery on the Craft Pimp Forum blog…

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